22-11: Thanks giving day



Los días 6 y 8 de diciembre el centro permanecerá cerrado por ser festivos.

El día 7 de diciembre no habra clase lectiva , pero los alumn@s del S.D.N.E, tendrán servicio asistencial de 7.30 mañana a 19 horas de la tarde.


8th of November – Fire drill

8th of November – Fire drill


Today we conducted a fire drill at school to ensure all of our staff members are familiar with our emergency evacuation protocols.

We would like to congratulate our students and staff for their cooperation and teamwork, as it was instrumental in the success of the drill conducted. 

31st of October: HALLOWEEN

Thank you all so very much for joining us once more for Halloween at school! As you might be able to see, classrooms and corridors, playgrounds and dining rooms, swarmed with delightful monsters, creepy-crawlies and otherworldly horrors!

But the truth behind it all is: that the joint effort of parents, students and our school’s staff ensured the night of witches was a total success. Decoration, activities and costumes were all in place for a day full of joy... and the odd little scare.

All the best and happy Halloween!

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